Wood Lathe

Along with searching for different wood chisels, woodworkers are often searching for the best wood lathes.

With the speed at which technology evolves, wood turners need to renew their workshop lathe or lathes every four or five years. There are many older craftsmen that have been using the same lathe for the last 30 or more years. These seemingly anachronistic trade’s people still manage to produce some fine work. Why they don’t upgrade to a new lathe is often because many feel technology takes the art out of wood crafting.

The many crafts people that do upgrade and invest in a couple of the best wood lathes are able to use modern day technology to their advantage and continue to improve. The same applies to different wood chisels; the older generation of wood turners, preferring chisels from years gone by.

One must bear in mind however, that these sagacious old men and women, do keep their antiquated tools in mint condition. Wood turning is a very old trade and in recent years, has seen a downturn in business. Whether it is because of the economic woes of the world or because of ceramics and plastics being the preferred over wood for table legs, bed legs and heads and other products of which wood has been a mainstay for years, is anyone’s guess.

Whatever the recent for this slight decline in the industry, most trade’s people are adapting to these changes by buying new, improved lathes and chisels.

It is the younger wood turners that are searching for wood lathes that are able to be adapted to turn other materials also; although investing in the best wood lathes that are able to turn other materials is quite costly.

Chisels however haven’t changed and probably will never change; the different wood chisels available today will no doubt be the same chisels in 50 years time.