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The wood chisel is a hand tool with a specialized cutting edge for cutting, chipping or carving wood. The Best wood chisels can come in a range of different sizes and shapes for differing applications. Having the best wood chisels means nothing, if you do not have the best wood lathe to work with. Wood chisels have a sharp edge at the end, with handles that are often plastic or wooden. This article will look at the different types and usages of wood chisels.

Different sizes and shapes

Wood carving chisels range from large chisels for removing big parts of wood to smaller chisels that can be found in creating wood prints for print making. These can come in a range of sizes, generally categorized by how wide the blade is in Chisels sizes go from ¼ inch to 2 inch wide in 1/8 inch increments. Here is a list of wood chisels that are used commonly:

Carving chisels –These are used a lot for carving artwork, printmaking and sculpting. The cutting edges vary, such as gouges, V-groove, straight and skew tools. Some of these tools are very small and can be used with only one hand.

Butt chisel –This is a short chisel often seen in the construction industry. This chisel comes with beveled sides and a straight edge for making joints.

Firmer chisel –This wood chisel is used for making large and deep cuts into the wood. Because of this, this chisel normally comes with a longer blade, upwards of 6 inches in length.

Corner chisel –This chisel looks like a punch and has an L-shaped cutting edge at the end of the tool. This is to make 90 degree cuts for corners, square holes and other applications where an exact 90 degree angle is needed.

Wood turning chisels –This is a woodworking chisel that is designed specifically to cut wood as it is being spun on a wood lathe. These have unique angles and cutting edges. Often these tools have longer handles for safety and to provide extra leverage when working with a spinning object.

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Wood chisels can be used in conjunction with the best wood lathe and mills. Most commonly, they are used by hand, and with some sort of mallet or hammer for more power.

We can see them used to create beautiful and ornate items such as chairs, tables, carvings, wood prints and beds. Many trades-people such as builders, sculptors, furniture makers and lathe workers utilize chisels for their profession.


Safety is very important when using a chisel. Chisels can be heavy and have a sharp edge, so care must be used when working with chisels. Always check and follow local or state safety precautions which are applicable when using wood chisels. With that said, some beautiful designs can be made with patience, care and time.

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